6.19.8 Pre-orders

A pre-order is a product offering by which consumer purchases are permitted prior to release date.

The release may take the same form as that which is available after the pre-order period or it may have exclusive elements only available as part of the pre-order offering, during the pre-order period. It may also have tracks that are fulfilled upon purchase during the pre-order period, while the rest of the release is fulfilled on release date at the end of the pre-order period. A pre-order can have a mix of bonus and instant gratification tracks and it is also possible for a track to be both instant gratification and bonus.

Such pre-orders, if supported, shall meet the following rules:

  1. The IsPreorderDeal flag in the relevant Deal shall be set to true;

  2. The ReleaseDisplayStartDate/ReleaseDisplayStartDateTime, TrackListingPreviewStartDate/TrackListingPreviewStartDateTime, CoverArtPreviewStartDate/CoverArtPreviewStartDateTime and ClipPreviewStartDate/ClipPreviewStartDateTime shall be communicated if necessary;

  3. If one of these dates needs to be communicated, all of them need to be communicated; and

  4. If only a subset of these four dates or datetimes need to be communicated, the others need to contain the start date of the entire deal.