6.14 Preview dates

6.14.1 Preview dates for releases and Track Releases

The four preview dates can be linked to an Album Release as well as a Track Release. The preview date tags are:

  • ReleasePreviewStartDate;

  • TrackListingPreviewStartDate;

  • CoverArtPreviewStartDate; and

  • ClipPreviewStartDate.

If a preview is provided, for the same resource, on both an Album Release as well as at a Track Release level, the date provided on the Track Release level shall prevail. So, for example, if a Track Release has a TrackListingPreviewStartDate that is later then the TrackListingPreviewStartDate of the relevant resource as it appears in the Album Release listing, then the resource contained in the Track Release must not be made available to consumers as a preview in the Album Release’s resource listing until the Track Release’s TrackListingPreviewStartDate has passed. The same applies to StartDateTime and EndDateTime values.

6.14.2 Album-level preview dates for streaming deals

In a streaming-only scenario there is no deal information provided for Album Releases because albums cannot be streamed.

If a DSP in a streaming only scenario wishes nevertheless to preview the Album Release to consumers, the DSP shall make use of the preview dates associated with the resources contained in the Track Releases for those same resources that are also listed under the Album Release.

6.14.3 Conflicting preview dates

If conflicting preview date values for ReleasePreviewStartDate and CoverArtPreviewStartDate are provided, the DSP may use the earliest date. The same applies to StartDateTime and EndDateTime values.

6.14.4 Absence of preview dates

If no values for any of the four preview start dates is found in the DealList section of a message relating to a particular country, the DSP shall use the earliest StartDateTime for any country listed in the DealList as the relevant preview datetime.

This means that as soon as a release without any preview start dates has been made available to consumers, all relevant data and all relevant resources may also be made available to consumers. The same applies to EndDateTime values.